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Yes, they could… and did!

21 December 2009

Jornada photo: Supporters should "Yes, we could!" after the bill passed

By a margin of 39 to 20, the Federal District Assembly approved a bill redefining “marriage” as the “free uniting of of two PERSONS”  earlier today.   Jefe de goberierno, Marcello Ebrard still needs to physically sign the bill, and the text has to be published in the Gaceta before the new law takes effect… which takes about 45 days.  Wedding planners might want to start work now for the mid-February rush.

Naturally, Felipe Calderón is already looking for some way to challenge the bill in the courts and Armando Martinez, the president of something called the College of Catholic Attorneys is whining about El Grinches stealing Christmas.  He is quoted in the New York Times as saying the Federal District Assembly “have given Mexicans the most bitter Christmas.”

A special media shout-out has to go to Eduardo Castillo of the Associated Press (or his bone-headed editors) for writing “Many people in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America remain opposed to gay marriage…” as if that weren’t true in the big country where Associated Press is located, and even the President supported a “defense of marriage act”.

The new law, in a surprise to me, does include the right to adopt children (which initially had been stripped out to get the bill through committee and on to the floor, but was reintroduced when PRD supporters realized they had enough votes to pass the bill without the “no adoption” clause) and — while likely to cause a backlash in state legislatures controlled by the conservatives, is likely to stand up in court.  Calderón’s administration attempted last year to undo the changes in the Federal District’s new, less restrictive abortion law, only to have the Supreme Court rule that states (and the Federal District) have the right to regulate health and safety as they see fit.  This would seem to apply to family law (and the definition of family) as well.

In reaction to the abortion ruling,  several states changed their constitution to specify that “life begins at conception” supported mostly by PAN, sometimes with Green and some PRI support.  In theory, this would mean every miscarriage would require a ministerial investigation (as suspicious deaths are now), but in practice just leaves the uncertain status of abortion (overlooked in some jurisdictions where doctors advertise treatments for “late menstrations”) and furthers the sense that constitutions are “suggestions” not commandments.

One can expect “one man – one woman” laws to be floated in several of the states, but Alfredo (Citius64) once suggested that states with a large tourism industry (like the very clerically controlled Jalisco, which includes the popular gay destination of Puerto Vallarta) consider changing their marriage laws to cater to the tourism trade.  Here in Mazatlan, our tourism industry caters to gangsters and geezers, so maybe the Sinaloa State Legislature might want to consider helping out the Mazatlán tourism biz with a third “G”.

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  1. 22 December 2009 10:47 am

    Quick! Get those two guys from Argentina to Mexico City, so they can tie the knot and shame their own authorities into doing the right thing.


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