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Going to the ends of the earth…

28 December 2009

There has always been something of a rivalry between Mexico and Argentina to be the “most progressive” of the Latin American nations, and — in the matter of same-gender marriages — it looked like Mexico City, the Distrito Federal, was going to come out the winner.   Buenos Aires province, in Argentina, had passed a bill legalizing same gender marriage, scheduled to take effect on the First of December.  However, legal challenges to the reform have held up the change, putting the wedding plans of Alex Freyre and Jose Maria di Bello in jeopardy.

With almost no notice, the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego (“a dagger pointed straight at the heart of Antarctica”) reformed their own Provincial marriage law, and Freyre and di Bello were married last Monday.  A bit late, and they had to go to the ends of the earth, quite literally, to do what most “normal” couples do in the course of things, but what a 58 year-old Mexican gent of some note — who has living in same gender households since 1955 , who has so far avoided the California court that wants to question him about pedophilia ,  and happened to be wearing silk skirts and a lot of heavy-duty  bling at the time — called “an aggression against the family” and “aberrant“.

Congratulations to the new couple, and perhaps Argentina will be willing to trade them for Cardinal Rivera.  At least for a couple of months.

Nice, normal couple (left) and creepy, probably aberant couple (right)

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  1. 28 December 2009 10:37 pm

    Oh noes, teh gheyz can marry in Argentina! Sky falling! Film at 11! Ba ba booey!!!1111eleventy-one!

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