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Don’t cry for me, Wasilla…

4 January 2010

Other than one was portrayed in movies by Madonna and Fay Dunaway and the other satirized on a television program by Tina Fey, and they lived at opposite sides of the Western Hemisphere, Jane Stillwater (Daily Kos) mightily strives to find some comparison between two of the America’s most notable women politicians…

Back in the 1950s, before it was even stylish and WAY before grassroots bloggers like myself took up the cause of America’s economic underdogs, Evita Peron seemed to be obsessed with offering help to the poverty-stricken underclasses of Argentina — and her main goal in life appeared to be to narrow the huge gap between the very rich in Argentina and the very poor.  Sarah Palin’s life goal, however, appears only to try to make herself wealthy too — while using America’s discontented poor as a stepladder, climbing up to the top on their backs.

I think it is fair to say that Evita Peron changed Argentina forever — from a feudal society of barrios, peasants and overlords to a much more economically democratic mix.  And the few rich people who controlled Argentina at that time hated her.  But do rich people today hate Sarah Palin?  I think not.

In America today, like in 1950s Argentina, the goals of the rich seem to be to create cheap labor and to use government money for themselves.  And the rich in America appear to be achieving these two goals easily — by dividing us lower and working class types into two different camps and then encouraging us go at each others’ throats so that we won’t be noticing so much as our wealthiest 1% clean out the till.

And with regard to splitting America’s lower and working classes into two warring factions, Sarah Palin has been a really big help.

I myself find Palin to be rather tedious and a media-hog.  On the other hand, however, I find Evita Peron to be endlessly fascinating.

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  1. 8 February 2010 8:32 pm

    Palin is weak individual. Hillary is an Evita.
    Left wing=FASCISM
    Right Wing=Victims OF fascism.
    Left wing-God haters.
    Right Wing- God lovers.
    The people that get killed in Holocausts/Genocides are right wingers and people that fear God and love HIM.

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