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Some people never should have children…

12 January 2010

… Exhibit A, the parents of PRI Deputy Emiliano Aguilar Esquivel.

Sombrero tip to Alfredo at Citius64.

On the plus side, there was news today that one possible hold up in the Federal District’s new marriage law failed to materialize.  PAN was unable to gather the necessary signatures in the Federal District Legislative Assembly to bring a complaint about the constitutionality of the law before the Supreme Court.  There were complaints also about the Catholic hierarchy’s attempts to insert themselves into the political discussion.  Wisely, or perhaps just using smart politics, the PRD let it be known that they offered to meet with Cardinal Rivera to discuss the upcoming legal change, but the Cardinal is unwilling to compromise.  Making him the bad guy.

I get the sense that PRI, which is the majority party nationally, but only the third party in the Federal District (after PRD and PAN), is gambling that  passage of the Federal District marriage law will give them a social issue they can milk in 2012, winning over social conservatives and rural voters.  It may backfire, given that younger voters nationally are supportive of same-gender marriage, and PAN  run the risk of turning off their traditional anti-clerical supporters,  who see the backlash against same-gender marriage as a PAN and Catholic Church initiative.

And, intelligent voters,  turned off by fools like Aguilar Esquivel.

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