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“The kind of people who give Mexico a good name”

17 January 2010

One commentator on the original posting (on el Universal’s on-line site) wrote:  “These are the kind of people who give Mexico a good name, those who study, work hard, strive, are in solidarity with the neighbor, not criminals, pop stars or monopolists whose names appear among the three richest people in the world.”

And the pooch deserves a paw too…and an extra taco.  Good doggie!

The gentleman who was dug out, by the way, is Professor Patrick Alhston, buried under twelve meters of  rubble when the seven story Saint Gerard’s University office building pancaked.

The Italian volunteers who are burying the dead deserve more than a glancing mention, but I know nothing about them.

Notice the Mexican military people are unarmed.  As they and the Italians are working in “solidarity with their neighbors”, across town it’s not solidarity but soldiery Haitians are seeing:

(Sombrero tips to Burro Hall and Abiding in Bolivia)

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  1. 6 March 2010 1:51 am

    thanks. i´m the mexican doctor who talk.

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