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Tourists — love ’em or leave ’em

18 January 2010

The photo on the left, from Lloyds, is of the port damage in Port-au-Prince as it was on 15-January.  On the right is the PRIVATE port, where Carnival Cruise Line docked Friday.  My living — like that of a couple hundred Haitians working for Carnival Cruise — depends on tourism for the most part, but some days its very hard not to have fantasies of DE-porting them all.

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  1. 18 January 2010 4:18 pm

    I’m all for hatin’ on Carnival – because one of the most obnoxious things they do is, generally speaking, fail to inform the passengers that “Labadee” is Haiti. For that reason, I can only get half-angry at the actual tourists. Probably had no idea they were going there.

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