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Mole Men forced out by U.N.!

20 January 2010

From Daily Grail (which I think is based in New Zealand) “Red Pill Junkie” on the forced pull-out (not by their choice) of  la Brigada Internacional de Rescate Tlaltelolco-Azteca, the Mole Men of Tlaltelolco.

… after just 72 hours into the rescue mission, they are ordered to suspend all rescue operations.

The order came from the UN. Not only did they think it was unlikely to find any more survivors, but they also feared the rising escalation of vandalism and pillaging unleashed by the frantic survivors —it is for this reason that all rescue efforts had to be suspended after night-fall. They lacked enough soldiers to guarantee the protection of the brigades.

But in reality, the order uncovers an uglier truth: a complete lack of leadership & control in the chain of command; as usual, the UN is not up to the task.

… In an interview given to Reforma on Jan 18th, Carlos Morales, chief of the group —the Top Mole, as it were— disclosed his frustration:

“There is no control whatsoever, there’s an awful lack of organization, we already took out 6 live persons from the University & now they are ordering us to return to base over a few gun shots.”

“Right now we were in the process of rescuing the father of the First Lady. We left him serum to survive, but they forced us to pull back” he regrets.

The veteran rescuer of 60-something years old (working alongside his 24-year-old daughter, courage seems to run in the family) showed his disagreement with the UN’s concern over the welfare of the rescuers:

“The people protect you because they know we’re here to help them, but the UN is blocking the rescues.”

Forced to leave a man to die? A people to die? For what?
I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

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