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Well, this is interesting

22 January 2010

From Hemispheric Brief:

… [Honduras]’s de facto leader, Roberto Micheletti, said he too is moving out of the presidential palace this week—a place he’s called home since the June 28 coup. Micheletti made sure to emphasize that he is not technically “stepping down,” just removing himself from the spotlight temporarily in order to pave the way for president-elect Lobo. “In the coming days I will adopt a lower public profile and step aside, so the new government has more room to act,” the coup leader told Channel 5 TV in Honduras. Micheletti’s cabinet will apparently be assuming presidential responsibilities for the next few days, ahead of the Jan. 27 inauguration.

In other words, having made the claim that he was protecting the Honduran Constitution when he became “president” because the President had left his post (never mind that he was in his PJs and forced out at bayonet point), Micheletti is now abandoning the job, and letting the Cabinet run things… something decidedly NOT in the Honduran Constitution.

Can’t wait for the crazy expats who all got their knickers in a twist claiming the coup wasn’t a coup because the Constitution was followed (as it is — according the letter — in most coups) still isn’t a coup since the Constitution isn’t being followed.  This is gonna be fun.

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