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Medics, Kreyól translators, $$ needed

24 January 2010

I don’t know the identity of the writer, but my source (Inca Kola) vouches for him, and that should be good enough for any of us.

I am working with the Dominican Civil Defense helping to coordinate convoys participating in relief efforts from Jimani, the closest town to Port au Prince where trips are being staged twice daily (6:30AM, 2PM). If you know any individuals or organizations wanting to send aid, this is the best route to avoid the problems being caused by the US military at the Haitian airport.

If anyone plans on personally traveling to Haiti, it would be best to come with an organization that has a vehicle. We can send people by bus, but space is limited. It would be nice if people would really think about whether their skills are truly needed at the moment so they do not just become another mouth to feed.

Medics, translators (Haitian Creole, French), etc. are particularly needed.

Anyone coming to Haiti needs to bring a tent and whatever else they need for sleeping. I have been surprised by how many have shown up without such essentials. Keep in mind there was another earthquake Wednesday and aftershocks continue to rattle the area. Last night we felt brief shaking in Jimani, but it was not enough to knock anything over. Volunteers need to consider the psychological effects of these tremors before heading to the island.

The Civil Defense has long been underfunded, so even basic office supplies are lacking. If you want to donate toward relief efforts, Partners in Health and MPP (a member of Via Campesina) are the only organizations I would personally recommend, as they work at the grassroots level, with the big picture in mind. Un abrazo

Not everyone can go to the Dominican Republic, and not everyone is able to make donations through the United States. I’ve added a button at the left linking to my list of Mexican based donor sites … this button in fact —

Erwin is updating lists of mostly U.S. based donor sites on  “The LatinAmericanist

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