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When the going gets tough…

24 January 2010

They don’t need no steenkin’ permission…

This, of course, means “U.S. controlled rescue efforts” — and, as we know, only what involves the United States matters, right?

The Mole-Men of Tlatelolco aren’t about to let minor things like the withdrawal of U.S. support, the U.N or the Mexican Navy stop them.  The Mole-Men, so far, have dug out fifteen living persons, and only paused for a brief service after recovering the body of Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot from the ruins of the Cathedral.

Brigada de Rescate Tlatelolco's wake for Archbishop Miot (Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters)

“The Invicibles” as other search-and-rescue teams have nicknamed los Topos have been joined by French, Brazilian and Argentine rescuers who have also decided to continue working — as los topos have been doing all along –with their own resources, and ignore the U.S. headlines and the Mexican Navy.

t’s not like these guys need protection, anyway.  The head of the Cancún chapter of the Mole Men was interviewed two nights ago by Adela Micha on Televisa, saying the Haitians are protecting them… as if a bunch of men and women who seem  genetically immune to fear need protection from people who understand immediately what is being done to help them… with no expectation of any reciprocity (or, long-term trade agreements).

Speaking of that, Burro Hall — reading the Queretaro paper — sees that the Cámara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construcción and its 8000 member businesses, is ready to start reconstruction in Haiti. If anyone can think of a better group to take on rebuilding after a massive earthquake, they’ve got about two weeks to come up with it.

Jason, at Secret History, also is reading the Mexican press .. in his case, the conservative business daily, El Economista, which suggests another Mexican development project — tree planting. So… Mexico hasn’t planted the billion trees the Calderón Administration talked about before they started talking about … the war on drugs, energy reform, the war on drugs, the war on drugs, legal reforms, the war on drugs, the war on drugs, immigration, the war on drugs, the war on drugs, financial reform, the war on drugs, legislative reforms, the war on drugs. Mexicans do know how to plant trees, and the Haitians need the trees (and carbon credits would be a nice benefit to their economy).

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