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The gay deceivers

27 January 2010

Is it genetics or environment that makes right wingers act stupid?  Perhaps it’s a hormonal imbalance that leads right-wingers into the dangerous lifestyle of cruising about the outer limits of credibility when it comes to sex.

It can’t be environment, since we’re having a hemispheric wide outbreak of stupid this week.

USA: In South Carolina, Lieutenant Governor André Bauer said the state should not be providing nutritional assistance to schoolchildren, lest they breed.  Bauer, attempting to “clarify” his remarks said his reference to feeding stray animals was simply illustrative… of what people “who don’t know any better” will do if they are given assistance.  That  should clear up any misunderstanding about Bauer.  The thin, neat, well-groomed and — as they say — “married to his job” Bauer has nothing personal against breeders.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

COLOMBIA: Carlos Moreno de Caro,  the former Colombian Ambassador to South Africa (in which position he attempted to have a former Miss Colombia, a couple of his favorite Futbol players and a few of his thuggish right-wing paramilitary killer buddies given diplomatic posts in his mission) is now a candidate for Senate from the ADN party.  On asked not just why so many of his party’s candidates have ties to death squads and narcotics dealers, Moreno de Caro proves he’s an upright, upstanding candidate.  He’s not financed by drug dealers he says, but rather his campaign finances comes from a legitimate source: “a faggot from South Africa who is in love with me is sending me money”

MEXICO: With no hope of blocking the the Federal District’s same sex marriage bill, but desperate to marry themselves to some cause, the Federal District PAN conducted an on-line survey (which they tried to sell as a legitimate referendum) on three questions:

1.  Do you argee or disagree with allowing homosexual couples to adopt children?

2.  Do you agree or disagree with allowing homosexuals to marry?

3.  Do you think children with homosexual parents will face discrimination from their schoolmates?

In other words, your typical right-wing push-poll.  It hasn’t worked out well.. PAN claimed 937,326 persons answered the survey (neglecting to mention how many were even registered voters within the Federal District) and the results were overwhelmingly opposed to adoption and marriage… and people were worried about social problems for the children of gay couples.

Um…  PAN’s website originally showed less than half that number of voters… and the results were the exact opposite of what the party reported.  “Twitteros” — cyber-geek activists who managed to kill an internet tax proposal a few months ago, cached the results … and spread them around the internet before the entire poll, and its results mysteriously disappeared from PAN-DF’s website.

PAN, in a letter to the on-line SDPNoticias (an outgrowth of the Lopez Obradór movement) claims robots attacked their system and changed the numbers.

Gay robots? Uh-huh.

Maybe these were South African gay robots, and somebody was feeding them.

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