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The state of the nations

28 January 2010

The Presidential speech that never happened continues to make yakking class rounds… this time in an article by some guy named Daniel Drezner, writing in Foreign Policy Magazine.  I guess he meant to be funny, attributing to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez some bone-headed comment on a blog (check the “update”)that has some vague connection to the Venezuelan government.

The U.S. President’s speech included exactly 38 words on immigration, which led to several thousand words of commentary (Nezua provides the highlights) and — in a glancing blow — supported more “free trade” agreements with U.S. partners Panama — known mostly these days mostly for money laundering and Colombia — with it’s unique ways of dealing with dissent.  Must have been the Colombian concept of free speech that kept everyone in line.  Nobody booed, though reportedly one Supreme Court Justice mouthed something or the other.

Argentine President Christina Fernandez de Kirschner gave a speech to her nations meat industry producers… about the joys of getting porked.  Speaking of a weekend spent with her husband after eating the meat, Fernandez said, “We were in high spirits the whole weekend… I’m a pork fanatic.”

And in Honduras, as real former president, Mel Zelaya, was given a rousing sendoff by hundreds of supporters before flying off to the Dominican Republic before taking up political asylum in Mexico, and fake ex-president, Roberto Micheletti, was rewarded with prosecutorial immunity as a senator for life, the new sorta-real, sorta-fake President, Pepe Lobo, figured it was a good time to give a speech. His mention of the United States, the OAS and Costa Rica President Óscar Arias were met with resounding “boos!”

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