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Collateral Damage

4 February 2010


The Federal Prosecutor refuses  to get  involved in the investigation, and reports that neither the Army (which is supposedly protecting Juarez citizens) nor National Police responded to the massacre, and attempts to claim the kids were somehow tied to organized crime (earlier this week it was said one was a police informant… maybe he changed sides?)  with still other other reports that the supposed leader of the killers just conveniently was killed by the Army last Monday, and then more reports that it was a former ministerial policeman that ordered the hits,, the victims’ families are blaming Felipe Calderón personally for the policies that have led to the tragedy.

Now that they are also receiving threatening telephone calls as a result of their victimhood,  some are going so far as to demand assistance from the United States against their own government.

And… in a quick update (via Ganchoblog) , four witnesses (and survivors) of the massacre were abducted by people who either were Ministerial Police, or — as Excelsior claims — “disguised” as police.  I smell “death squads”.

Workers’ Party delegate Gerardo Fernández Noroña may be going a little further than many in his address to the Chamber of Deputies, but the feeling is growing that the “drug war” has been a cruel hoax on the Mexican people, and they are angry.

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