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Adios, Chunko…

6 February 2010

The headline in El Universal says it all:

El PRD expulsa a diputado racista

Federal Deputy for Chiapas, Ariel Gómez León, whining about his party’s request that deputies give up one day’s per diem of their already outrageously large daily allowance (which is on top of their over-the-top salary) to a Haitian relief fund, made a racist joke during his other job as a “talk-jock” radio host.

Threatening him with sanctions, it was suggested he pony up the donation… which he did… making the usual abject apologies stupid politicos are supposed to make on such occasions.  And then — after letting him grovel — the Party purged him anyway.  Within the Chamber, they’re trying to come up with some reason to throw him out, even sort of cheering on an investigation into election day hanky-panky from the state prosecutor’s office.  Too bad there isn’t a good Mexican Spanish version of the old Texas saying, “don’t let the door hit ‘ya, where the Good Lord split ‘ya”. 

The PRD may be form a common front with right wing PAN in several states, and it has its share of dubious associates, and a few outright crooks, but some folks are pendejessimo to the point where even Mexican politicians won’t put up with them.

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