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Space Invaders?

12 February 2010

Whatever (or whoever?) it was that crash-landed in Hidalgo State on Wednesday sure made itself known.

Windows were broken over five municipalities in Hidalgo and Puebla States, and a bridge reportedly collapsed following a loud boom and a fiery explosion about 3:30 Wednesday morning.  Initial reports said there was a thirty-meter crater, suggesting a meteor had hit the earth.  This is a rugged mountain area, complicating emergency response services which were overwhelmed with calls throughout a five municipo region over two states.

But… there doesn’t seem to be any crater, which has led to all kinds of speculation… everything from alien invaders (covered up and naturally a plot involving gringos) to guerrillas (a PEMEX pipeline is near the supposed impact site) to the more mundane explanations that it was either an old Soviet satellite (a Cosmos 2410 to be exact) — a theory favored by AEXA, the Mexican space agency — or a bolide (a fireball which doesn’t actually impact the earth).

Discovery has more, but as always, when it’s from outer space, or just bizzaro and it happens in Latin America, Inexplicata is the only source to turn to.

UPDATE:  Inexplicata has tracked down the reports on exactly what it was:

…at 3:02 pm Eastern Time that the Mexican Space Agency (AEXA) has determined that “Cosmos 2421, a Russian naval reconnaissance satellite placed in orbit on June 25, 2006, broke up in February 2008 leaving 15 fragmetns. These fragments were catalogued by NORAD as space junk. An analysis of Fragment 33006 of Cosmos 2421 allowed its reentry to be predicted on February 10, 2010….

And, with a sombrero tip to Inexplicata, here is Mexican news coverage on the “space junk”


Dang, I was hoping it was a giant chupacabra.  Maybe next time.

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