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Real Mexico is not a telenovela, but could be

17 February 2010

Via Correspondales Indígenas (a news service pulling together various reports on the indigenous communities within Mexico and a recent addition to my regular bloglines feed) comes this nota roja written by Yajaira Vásquez for Voz de Oaxaca.

Certainly, this article sounds like the plot of a bad telenovela, but official impunity, the arrogance of the “political class” and the abuse of the indigenous people (as well as women and rural people in general) are a part of “the real Mexico” one would prefer to gloss over, or ignore, and perhaps the “bad telenovela” plot is the only way to make the less palatable parts of the “real Mexico” (and the real human race) bearable.

My translation attempts to preserve some of the nota roja flavor, but I took liberties in adding details where the original could make assumptions local readers would understand, or where the author added more details (like police report numbers)  to pad out the word count.

PRI State Legislative Deputy Floriberto Vasquez Vasquez was charged with sexually abusing a young Mixe girl, as well as depriving her of her biberty, confining her in a house in the Rancho Aguayo sub-development of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan for several months.

According to the ministerial indictment, Vasquez was abetted by his sister, Rosalia, a teacher at an San Miguel Quetzaltepec Mixes elementary school, who lured the young woman to Xoxocotlan, under the pretext of a short visit.

A preliminary investigation indicates that the young woman met Vasquez on 8 May 2009 in San Miguel Quetzaltepec Mixes, who invited her to dance.

In her deposition, the victim recounted that Vasquez was drunk, but insisted she was his girl-friend and marry him, telling her he’d seen her from afar, and fallen in love. The plaintiff complained that the Deputy continued to visit to her community, where he brought her flowers and continued to speak of his plans for conquest. She spurned his attentions, she said, because he was twice her age.

According to the complaint, the public servant, seeing unable to convince the girl to agree to marry him, or at least have a romantic relationship, decided to enlist the assistance of his sister Rosalia, a primary school teacher in the town, to assist him in winning over the plaintiff.

As part of the plot, the teacher would visit the humble home of the victim daily, insisting that her sibling was a person of good will, who would provide her with a better life and had no plans to take anything away from the plaintiff or her family, who are people of modest resources.

Finally, the plaintiff said, on the 31st of July, at about ten in the evening, the mentor again visited the young woman’s home and, deluding her into thinking she was being hired to work in the city for a few days, agreed to visit the teacher and her brother.

The next morning, the deputy’s sister and the young girl left on a bus for Oaxaca city, but about one in the afternoon, left their bus at a suburban terminal. Later, they arrived at the house on calle Amador Pérez Torres in the Rancho Aguayo sub-division of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán.

Upon arrival, the young woman found the Deputy was already in the house. He said, “Here you’ll be locked up and if you try to escape, I will kill your family and you, so do not try to resist “and then left the building.

Later, Vasquez Floriberto returned home again, drunk this time. He insulted the female and began to paw her lustfully. The youth tried to resist, however, was struck by the man, who tore her clothing and sexually assaulted her.

Weeks passed and each time the PRI deputy went to to see the young woman, it was to beat, humiliate and abuse her. The victim did not say anything, because she was threatened by this guy.

Moreover, the witness said Vasquez repeated several times that in the next elections he would be the future congressman, then no one could stop him, and he could kill anybody.

However, on 30 January, near 10 pm, Professor Rosalia went to the house where the kidnapped girl was held and told her they would be moving to Cuilapam in Guerrero State; but at that time, the wife of a local deputy, Aurora Lula, who saw the girl’s bruises, told her to run for it, and went to warn her husband.

The girl fled the house and was assisted by a who said it was not the first time that young Deputy Vasquez had held women in the house, but out of fear of reprisals, had preferred not to make a report. However, the courageous girl denounced the PRI deputy, as well as Professor Rosalia, on charges of sexual, physical, moral, psychological and other forms of abuse, as well as deprivation of liberty.

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  1. don quixote permalink
    17 February 2010 8:23 am

    What a creepy story, and what a total creep Vasquez is.
    I think in his next life he will come back as an altar boy locked up in an Irish Monastery and abused sexually by perverted Jesuits.

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