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Chile update

1 March 2010

As I write this Sunday night for posting Monday morning, the news from Chile is bad, but not hopeless.  The death toll from the weekend earthquake was about 800 and expected to go higher, but given both the better structural quality of Chilean buildings and the better governance in that country, a repeat of the Haitian disaster is not in the offing.

Concepcíon, Chile. Photo: Boston Globe

Given the lack of food in some places, the Army has been “assisting” (with full government backing) the organized “looting” of supermarkets, insisting only that people not grab things like televisions and stereos.  People seem to be heeding President Bachelet’s call to conserve, but not hoard essentials like cooking gas until regular supplies can be resumed.

Still, things are not normal, and there remains the dirty work of digging out. Mexico’s favorite real-life super-heroes, the Mole Men have just returned from Haiti, and well-deserved thanks of the nation from the Chamber of Deputies (which also took the time to issue an official thanks of the nation to Sophía the corpse-sniffing dog) as did the Federal District Assembly on behalf of the Mole-Men’s hometown.

You think they’re going to sit back basking in the glory?  Think again. Super-heroes don’t get a day off.

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  1. 1 March 2010 1:12 pm

    It should be noted that the government in Chile indicated there would not be a Tsunami. However, a Tsunami did happen and many of the dead are a result of the Tsunami. Yesterday the government of Chile stated that the navy made an error.

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