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Plucking the rooster

3 March 2010

“El Gallo”, Gerardo Salazar Tecuapacho, was arrested in his hometown of San Luis Teolocholco, Tlaxcala yesterday.  Federal Police were able to detain him on charges of using a false driver’s license, and were able to — um — persuade him to admit he’s the guy the FBI and Houston Texas area authorities have been looking for for the last five years.

“El Gallo, as Dane Schiller writes in the Houston Chronicle,

…  is accused of running a gang that specialized in using fancy trucks and full wallets to romance small-town women and teenagers in Mexico, then lure them to the United States as girlfriends.

What came next was beyond anything they could have imagined, Barnett said.

During the day, Salazar and his fellow gangsters kept them locked in apartments and homes, authorities say, and at night, they were taken to Houston cantinas and sold over and over to customers, sometimes for as little as $50.

They were beaten into submission, according to an affidavit filed in court by FBI agent Maritza Conde-Vazquez, and captors knew to keep the bruises in places that would not show.

Among the many allegations against Salazar is an instance in which he told a teenager she had to earn at least $3,000 a week and that if she ever thought about leaving him he would kill her parents back in Mexico.

Salazar offered a Federal Minister  a 200,000 peso house and his red Trans-Am not to press for extradition.   Which gave the Minister the perfect reason to turn him over to the Special Prosecutor for Bribery who could take him before a judge and have him locked up in Tlaxcala while extradition papers are prepared.

I know Texan and Mexican theories of penology are radically different.  Texans going in for punishment and Mexicans for social readaption, but whether he’s rotting in jail in Tlaxcala or Texas, his fellow inmates are likely to split the difference and administer some combining the two… if the kind that will change his moniker to  El Capón.  And I hope it hurts… a lot… and they use a rusty spoon.

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  1. 3 March 2010 7:41 am

    The American demand in the free market chain strikes again… .

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