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Chile: call any time

7 March 2010

Via Jochi (Noticias de Mexico y Punto…). My translation (and small addition from El Universal and others):

As is always the case, our country’s best known disaster relief  group – los “Topos” – are  conspicuous in not being noticed as they go about their heroic tasks.

Photo: Globovisíon

This time Chile.  Cooperating with other rescue teams, the Red Cross and Chilean military units, they are pulling people alive from the debris.

Conscious that there were hundreds of people trapped in the rubble, Topos chief Ramon Flores immediately traveled to Concepcion, Chile from Lima, Peru, to rejoin his team of 3 or 4 people who immediate began providing assistance to one population most affected by the earthquake.

The moles will be in that country along with other Mexicans who are helping to purify water for human consumption and Mexican military personnel [as well as building inspectors and structural engineers from the Federal District’s public works department] to assist in recovery from this great disaster.

There is talk of several landslides in the Maule and Bio Bio regions of southern Chile, one reason the “moles” began work as soon as they landed on Chilean soil.

Ramon Flores reiterated his group’s readiness to be sent wherever and whenever they are needed. They are also working Constitución, which was ravaged by the tsunami following the earthquake.

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