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Open late

9 March 2010

Good news.. for taco vendors, if no one else:  there is broad agreement within the Federal District legislature to restore the 5 A.M. closing time for bars and nightspots from the new, and unpopular 3 A.M. last call.

I understand the earlier closing time was meant to cut down on drunk driving and whatnot, but if one goes clubbing in Mexico City midnight is still very early, and nothing really gets interesting until at least 2.  Not being a drinker (and being of an age where a pre-clubbing two-hour minimum siesta is a requirement for this sort of activity), I can’t deny that the bulk of club goers are still sober, or reasonably so, at 3 A.M.

However, while attendance at these facilities usually implies one is in  search of Señor/ita Right (or — more likely — Right-now), the later closing time might have a more beneficial effect for one’s health and morals.  My observation (and — not being young, pretty and/or rich — more limited than I’d prefer experience) is that the five A.M. closing works against making a hasty, and potentially disastrous, choice of partner.  Instead, one can revel in a slowly building sense of expectation, while w several hours of frentic vertical activity on the dance-floor ultimately lead to physical exhaustion … to the realization that you have to take Abuela to Mass in a couple of hours.  Safe sex, Chilango-style.

And, the 5 A.M. closing could mean safer streets.  The Metro doesn’t open until 6 A.M… or 7 on Sunday morning:  nothing like a bit of fresh air and a taco or two or four to bring you to your senses.  And, even for the drinking crowd,  it means someone else is driving.

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