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Great shakes

12 March 2010

TWENTY-THREE … that’s TWENTY-THREE sizable earth tremors (including a biggie at 6.8 or so) rolled through Chile while the country was inaugurating a new president.   The election of conservative  Sebastían Piñera was expected to shake things up somewhat, but that was thought to be a metaphor.

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  1. Guy Forget permalink
    13 March 2010 4:15 pm

    That caption is spot on. Lugo looks so wonderfully awestruck in this and other photos from that day.

    I bet Uribe thought the gates of hell were opening for him.

    The Doctor looks like he smoked a spliff beforehand. “Oh wow, earthquake… Cool, man!”

    (Aside: Anybody know about Ross’s El Monstruo? I just ordered it from the library.)


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