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Support you local police

17 March 2010

With the push for more and more policing in this country, clever criminals set up a fake police road-block on the highway south of here, pulling over motorists and… well… doing with thieves do… appropriating other people’s stuff.

So, of course, the powers that be promise… MORE POLICE.  Which is fine, but everyone seems to have forgotten the whole concept of rebuilding a police department … you, things like civil service examinations, physical and psychological testing, training and … oh, maybe A.A.

Residents in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, hearing several gunshots, called 066 (our emergency number).  Municipal officers, as they should, responded… to something that would be just a standard nuisance call most weekends in rural Texas:  a couple of good ol’ boys firing off their pistols out at the dam.  Maybe they were just celebrating St. Paddy’s Day a little early, but being Mexico, it couldn’t be anything that simple.  Oh no.

The good ol’ boys were in marked cars belowing to the Municipio de Pedro Escobedo Police Department.  Two of the bubbas were Pedro Escobedo uniformed officer (designated drunk drivers?).  One was a civilian who shouldn’t have been there at all.  And the big, obnoxious guy that has to mouth off to the cops and wants start a fight.  Why that was Pedro Escobido’s Chief of Police, Juan Ramirez Baeza.

One would think the Police Chief would at least knew the drill, but seems to have trouble with the concept of standing up for his mugshot.  And really, Chief (er, make that ex-Chief) , don’t you know you’re not supposed to mouth off to the cops?

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