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Food? and drinks

22 March 2010

Two news items that did not belong together (or maybe did) both appeared in El Universal on Saturday.

The first dealt with the fact that an estimated 11.2 million Mexicans do not have the needed 842 pesos a month to acquire the basic food needed for a healthy diet — and even more lack access to healthy food, junk food — like soda pop and raman noodles often filling the hunger gap — which accounts for much of the obesity seen in this country.

The second, from Guadalajara, was about a company called Vinos y Licores Azteca, which is introducing a new tequila — specifically for export to the United States, Canada, Belgium, England and other European nations  — that includes “edible gold and silver leaf”.

In other words, while Mexicans go hungry, we’re growing luxury crops (like agave and marijuna) for export, and putting the food supply into the hands of manufacturers of three-liter bottles of carbonated beverages, potato chips and Raman noodles.

The wonders of “free trade” never cease to amaze me.

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