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Be afraid, be very afraid…

25 March 2010

Thanks to Maggie Drake for bringing this to my attention.  From an interview with Robert Siegel of National Public Radio.

Original broadcast here.

“Just to be clear,” Robert continued. “Are you saying that (Mexican President Felipe) Calderon has expressed an openness toward a uniformed, U.S. military presence within Mexico?”

Napolitano’s response:

“Yes. Let me be very, very clear (because) this is a very delicate subject. … Our military in certain limited ways has been working with the Mexican military in their efforts against the drug cartels. But, it is at the request of the Mexican government, in consultation with the Mexican government. And it is only one part of our overall efforts with Mexico, which are primarily civilian in nature.”

Does this mean the U.S. has advisers on the ground, or “people actually engaged in operations?” Robert asked.

Napolitano wouldn’t go into specifics: “All I’m saying in this interview is; that you can deduce from the fact that the chair of the Joint Chiefs was at this meeting and the secretary of Defense was at this meeting that the United States, and its military, are also and have been offering assistance to Mexico.”

To Mexico or to Felipe Calderón?  I notice that Don Felipe is already thinking about his successor… who should be of his “color” when it comes to signing off on his version of security — and he is labeling those who disagree with him as a “ridiculous minority” supporting the narcos.  To paraphrase another recent conservative president of a North American country whose electoral victory has always been dubious, “Either you’re with him, or you’re with the narcos”.

I haven’t heard (and no one outside the official people have heard either, to my knowledge) exactly what “assistance” is planned, but given the recent decision to grant political asylum to a D.E.A. informant who also worked as a hitman for Vincent Carrillo Fuentes, I’d be very nervous about any U.S. “advisers” if I was one of those public figures the present administration decided was part of a “ridiculous minority”.

While I’m not expecting incoming drone attacks today, I do expect incoming rhetoric from San Lazaro Palace and all media outlets in ten… nine… eight…

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  1. 27 March 2010 8:00 pm

    I wrote something along these lines 18 months, or longer ago, suggesting that US military ‘intervention’ in Mexico’s drug war, on Mexican turf was somewhat inevitable. I tried to find the post, but can’t find it….maybe it was a comment conversation on another blog though. I remember it going on for a while.

    I also thought that some form of ‘death squad’ along the lines of Los Pepes was possible, if some time off. I think you wrote about that topic recently.

    Are you surprised at this turn of events?

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