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A shaky start in life

5 April 2010

The border takes another hit, and almost no one notices. A 7.2 Richter scale earthquake (about the same magnitude that wiped out Port-au.Prince) rolled through Mexicali and the surrounding region. Water and electrical services have been disrupted and there has been major structural damage, but — with only two reported deaths, has not grabbed the attention that say a couple of gangsters popping each other would.

Two deaths, and… at least nine births, according to the LA Times:

At Mexicali’s main hospital, windows were shattered, floors and walls cracked. Patients were evacuated from the seven-story building onto the hospital grounds, where they were gathered under a large plastic awning.

At a makeshift maternity ward on the hospital grounds, obstetrician Dr. Cesar Martinez said nine babies had been born since the quake struck, two more women were in the final stages of delivery and more women in labor were arriving.

“The shaking made the babies drop and the mothers to go into labor,” Martinez said. “We never have this many on a Sunday afternoon.”

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  1. Maggie Drake permalink
    5 April 2010 12:39 pm

    Actually Richard, MSNBC covered this event shortly afterwards and the Union Trib has been covering it since yesterday, we are still getting aftershocks.

    What the Trib is NOT covering these days are the number of executions going on in this area, shootouts with police, etc. Their focus to to lure the touristas back, everyone knows this.

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