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Elton who?

5 April 2010

Perhaps the stage collapse at Elton John’s concert in Chichen Itza was no accident.  Amadeo Cool May (Corresponsales Indígenas) with a local review of THE event last Saturday:

Peto, Yucatan.- In Tahdziu municipality, a 150 kilometers south of Merida, residents are more  concerned about restoring their harmony with nature than with any harmonies by British concert pianist Elton John.  While crowds awaited the European performer  in Chichen Itza, on Saturday in Tahdziu the event of note was the pre-Hispanic huahil kool ritual.

After the service, presiding hmeen, Caamal Fidencio Noh, said in an interview that during his childhood these ceremonies were held in locations near the Muul within the Archeological Zone, but since the people had to move, so did the ceremonies.

He recalled that in his youth he worked in the fields, having no chance to go to school but knowing the goodness of the gods.  Now, he said, the youth study hard, but God is forgotten.

He explained that this ceremony — performed during the dry season – offers up gifts of good made from corn, ground pumpkin seeds and beans, as well as seasoned beef – to invoke the presence of the forest and rain gods.

Demetrio Valle Cante, who coordinated the event, said that this ceremony is a contractual promise with the deities and held every two years whether you win or lose the crop.

As to the concert at Chichen Itza, the Supreme Council of the Maya President, Valerio Canche Yah, said the community opposes using sacred spaces by the present authorities in the State of Yucatan for the economic benefit of the “Casta Divina” (the descendants of the Spanish) and that such events do nothing to combat the poverty, social marginalization and unemployment suffered by the Mayas in municipalities near the archaeological sites.

This isn’t the first time the British performer has entertained the self-styled “best people” here in Mexico, nor the first time his appearance at a historical site has been seen as an insult to the Mexican people.  I guess that’s why he calls out the boos.

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