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12 April 1919

12 April 2010

Perdono al que roba al que mata, porque quizá lo hacen por necesidad, pero al traidor jamas

(Emiliano Zapata, killed by the traitor Jesús Guajardo 10 April 1919).

Ray Acosta’s Revolutionary Days managed to uncover even the time of Emiliano Zapata’s funeral:

Zapata was buried in Cuautla, Morelos at 5:00 PM.

(El Universal, 13 de abril de 1919)

It was important enough to be filmed:

Jesús Guajardo’s burial was not as noteworthy.  Having gotten close enough to Zapata to murder him by pretending to betray the Constitutionalist government, he was promoted to General, but no one ever trusted him again.  In July 1920, he was sent to Durango to fight the remnants of Pancho Villa’s forces, but with his men deserting in droves (Guajardo’s own soldiers despised him), the treacherous little weasel tried to stop the desertions by claiming he was joining the De la Huerta revolt against the then-established Revolutionary government of Alvaro Obregón.  The soldiers basically told him to take a hike.  He got as far as Monterrey before he was arrested.  He was finally shot as a traitor on 3 July 1920.  If he even had a funeral and wasn’t just shoved in the nearest hole, no one bothered to tell the newspapers or to film the event.

No one cared.

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  1. 12 April 2010 8:16 am

    … but then there is Pablo Gonzalez. 🙂

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