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Oh look, a kitty!

12 April 2010

The Chapultec Park Zoo recently acquired this little guy… a black jaguar… and, until 12 May is looking for suggestions on what to call him.  Recent suggestions have ranged across the Mexican lingusitic map, from Mayan (Boox Bola’ay — “panther”),  to Nahuatl (Tzilmiztl–“black puma”, Yohualli — “night”, Tezcatlipoca), to Zapoteca ( Betzao — “Jaguar”).  Given his Mexico City connection, both  Jachil or Chitar have been proposed — both being combinations of the words Jaguar and Chilango.  Saúl, in honor of Los Jaguares lead singer Saúl Hernández has also been proposed.  Others, looking at the little guy’s coloration have suggested  Zapote (a black fruit), and — one assumes as a joke Elmer (in honor of a late Labrador Retriever), Memin Pinguin and — of course — Obama.  At least one hopes the last two suggestions were jokes.

The unnamed jaguar was born in captivity, the Chapultepec Park Zoo having a good record at breeding endangered species.  The big cats are endangered everywhere in the Americas, although here in Sinaloa, the Autonomous University of Sinaloa recently concluded a study using camera traps to get a rough census of the remaining jaguar population, discovering to their delight (and surprise) that not only jaguars, but the other Mexican big cats — puma, linx, ocelot and tigrillo — are holding their own and actually increasing in numbers.

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  1. Guy Forget permalink
    12 April 2010 8:44 am


    I vote for Chilango Güey.

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