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Do as I say, not as I do?

13 April 2010

Durango Archbishop Héctor González Martínez, in an Easter Sunday sermon said, “I wish to remind you and our brother priests that the Church is not in favor of any candidate or political party.”

Then, Monday, he opened the campaign headquarters of Rodolfo Dorador, a candidate for Presidente Municipal on the fusion PAN-PRD-Convergencia ticket.  Surely His Grace is not supporting the anti-clerical PRD.

On a slightly larger stage, the Vatican over the weekend published guidelines for dealing with sexual abuse by the clergy, saying “Civil law concerning reporting of crimes to the appropriate authorities should always be followed.”  Except, of course, when Cardinal Norberto Rivera doesn’t.

Nineteenth-century writer Frances Calderón de la Barca found in the Mexico of 1840 much on which she could expend her gift for snark.  But, she found some people impressive, none more so than a nun at the convent of Santa Teresa, who accepted and found joy in her austere, contemplative life.  Calderón de la Barca, comparing her unnamed friend to other Mexican clerics she knew, wrote (June 3, 1840):

It is strange how, all the world over, mankind seems to expect from those who assume religion as a profession a degree of superhuman perfection.  Their failings are insisted upon.  Every eye is upon them to mark whatsoever may be amiss in their conduct.  Their virtues, their learning, the holy lives — nothing will avail them, if one blot can be discovered in their character.  There must be no moral blemish in the priesthood.  In the Catholic religion, where more is professed, still more is demanded, and the errors of one padre or one ecclesiastic seem to throw a shade over the whole community to which them belong.

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  1. 13 April 2010 7:04 am

    Perhaps he is supporting the PRD. Church officials say, and I have no reason to doubt them, they get along just fine with the national PRD. Their relationship with the Mexico City PRD is another matter, although both sides say the relationship was excellent during the administration of then-mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

  2. Mary O'Grady permalink
    13 April 2010 8:46 am

    “…[T]he errors of one padre or one ecclesiastic seem to throw a shade over the whole community to which the[y] belong.”
    How much more so when an entire religious hierarchy engages in a prolonged conspiracy to obstruct justice, and low-level officials turn a blind eye.
    These are felonies that are now coming to light, no thanks to the bishops and the pope. “Errors” just does not cover it. An “error” merits a parking ticket, or a fine.

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