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Calderón’s numbers

14 April 2010

Since the start of the Calderón Administration through March 2010

  • 22,700 people have been killed in the “drug war”
  • 121,199 people have been detained on allegations that they are members of various criminal gangs.

13 percent of those detained were said to belong to the Tijuana or Arellano Félix gang; 14 percent associated with the Beltrán Leyva Brothers, 17 percent with what is called the Juarez Carel (which also includes the remains of the Carrillo Fuentes organization), 24 percent to the Sinaloa Cartel and various Pacific coast organizations (which apparently also includes break-away and dissident groups within the Sinaloa organization) and 27 percent identified as either having ties to the Gulf Cartel or the Zetas.

The numbers are reportedly coming from a confidential administration report to the Chamber of Deputies.  But not seeing “La Familia Michoacana” on this list  makes me wonder if by leaking the report, the administration is not trying to tamp down rumors that the Sinaloa Cartel is either “winning” or favored by the Administration.

Malcolm Beith is a bit unsure of where “La Familia” fits into all this:

Both the Sinaloans and the Gulf have made deals with La Familia (an inevitability; a Michoacan-based group can produce all the drugs it wants but it can’t get them to the US without allying with someone bigger). Oddly, I have also heard that Los Zetas and La Familia may have formed a loose alliance. The two groups who blamed each other for the Morelia attacks joining forces? I’m hesitant to believe allying itself now with the Gulf Cartel,

Excelsior, via the Woodrow Wilson Institute’s “Mexico Portal” claims the “Pacific Cartel” is part of the Beltrán Leyva group… which makes the Sinaloa/Pacific grouping even harder to break out.  SDPNoticias headlined their article on the report “More Zetas Arrested Than Chapo’s People” which seems to be the spin being put on the report by the opposition.

Not having any figures on the relative percentage of membership of these various groups, there’s no way to correlate the percentage gang affiliations to detentions.  In other words, if “Chapo’s people” are only a quarter of all the narco-gangsters, then — under the Calderón Administration — there has been roughly equal justice (or injustice) in this “war”.  If on the other hand, as media and government reports suggest, the Sinaloans are by far the largest of the various criminal gangs, then the opposition has good reason for their suspicions that the administration is treating some gangs differently than others.

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