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Muxa xkut jbatik: Friday Night Video

16 April 2010

In writing about María Sabina the other day, I said that

I don’t have a romantic notion of indigenous communal life, and don’t see outsiders as necessarily the snake in paradise, there’s no denying the foreign attention had a disastrous effect on the community [in which María Sabina] lived.

One doesn’t expect Mexico City or Mazatlán not to change over time, and absorb international influence and trends, and we shouldn’t expect indigenous communities to be exempt.  But, these communities can — and do — absorb those outside influences in their own way, and coopt them to their own values.

Here is Vaijil, from San Juan Chamulas, Chiapas, with their #1 hit, “muxa xkut jbatik” (“No More Wars”):

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