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Another success for FeCal…

22 April 2010

A total of 2,593 kidnapping complaints were filed during conservative President Vicente Fox’s 2000-2006 term, while 2,455 kidnappings were reported in 2007-2009, the first three years of the Calderon administration, which started on Dec. 1, 2006.

The number of kidnappings reported annually nearly doubled from 595 in 2006 to 1,181 last year, reaching an average of just over three per day, “well above the level registered in countries known for their high incidence of this crime, such as Colombia…”

(EFE, via Latin American Herald Tribune)

The big “Vivir Mejor” logo the Administration is slapping on everything these days is getting a slight work-over around the country (even in the Chamber of Deputies) as a result of the administration’s successful “mano duro” towards social unrest and crime.

There hasn’t been much in the national press on it, and nothing at all in the foreign press, but there is a growing movement mostly conducted on line — and even a non-binding citizen referendum in Mexico City in May — to demand Calderón’s resignation.  I don’t have any feel for how widespread support for this is (it seems to be mostly a student and AMLOista movement) but the frustration and anger over the present Administrations handling (or mishandling) of not just crime, but the economy, public education and social development is very real.

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