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23 April 2010

Yesterday,  the number of hits shot up… not because of anything I wrote recently, but because back in October 2008 I wrote about a Mexican immigrant in the United States who actually supported John McCain’s presidential bid.  Of course, I knew that there are Mexican-American Republicans, but the contradictions in the career of Eduardo Verástegui seemed worth noting.

As a telenovela hunk and pop singer, Verástegui had been a gay beefcake model… not that there’s anything wrong with that… but as an ardent supporter of a California initiative to ban same-gender marriage it cost him much of his Latin American and Latino fan base.

Other countries, other mores:  he was making a name for himself  as the spokes-Hispanic for a politically conservative Evangelical Christian group. And — based on his identify as a devout, but hunky,  Roman Catholic — for anti-abortion groups as well.

There was a blip in my “hit list” when Ricky Martin came out, mostly because a minor part of the non-story was that Verástegui was the biological father of Martin’s twin boys.  But nothing like yesterday.   It wasn’t that Verástegui — the beefcake model turned the Evangelical spokesman and inseminator of gay parentage — was at the Pope’s birthday party (write your own snark about blowing candles), but  the power of Mexican journalism at its … not finest… but most influential.

TV y Novelas de México magazine is claiming Ricky Martin and Eduardo Verástegui’s relationship extended beyond the donation of sperm cells. Er… maybe I can word that better, but then again, maybe I shouldn’t.

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  1. 2 November 2017 5:50 am

    Descomunal, formato de tu blog! ¿Cuanto tiempo llevas bloggeando? haces que leer en tu blog sea ameno. El aspecto total de tu web es bien pensado, al igual que el material contenido!

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