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Papers: please, thank you — and you’re welcome

27 April 2010

250 Haitians arrived by sea in Veracruz yesterday only to encounter naval, Instituto Nacional de Migración and Foreign Secretariat officials upon their arrival.  Although the Haitians — made homeless by the 12 January 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake —  lacked proper documentation, they don’t need to worry too much.

The officials were on hand to present the refugees transported from Port-au-Prince by Mexican Naval Vessel Usumacinta with immigration documents admitting the refugees as legal resident aliens free to seek employment, study, use medical services (several of the refugees were badly injured or crippled in the quake)  or travel — and to apply to citizenship.

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  1. don quixote permalink
    27 April 2010 3:19 pm

    Good post Richard, I guess Mexico isn’t afraid of Haitians and there culture unlike the Arizona “White Peoples Party” aka The Arizona Republican Party.
    I gleaned the article below from todays Arizona Republic News. I had to read it two or three times before I could believe my eyes. JD Hayworth, the former Congressman from Arizona, current talk radio show host, and a real threat to Sen McCain in the upcoming Arizona Republican Primary. Well at least he’s honest enough to admit his racism and White Supremacist views, it’s actually kind of refreshing as opposed to the phony apologists and lying bigots pushing Arizona’s shameful racial profiling law #1070.

    The Arizona Republic today

    “But Hayworth attracted national attention after an epiphany of sorts in 2005. Though he had previously sponsored legislation to create a guest-worker program, Hayworth became a militant foe of Mexican immigration. Not just illegal immigration. Hayworth proposed a moratorium on legal immigration from Mexico.

    He declared an intention not merely to secure the border but to “stand up for our culture” – which implies that Mexicans adulterate American culture. Hayworth warned of activists who would create an Aztec state on the ruins of in the Southwest. He voted against an anti-immigrant measure – which, among other provisions, prohibited religious charities from aiding illegal immigrants – because he thought the legislation was too soft.”

    Is the term “American sovereignty” a euphemism for “White Power” as Hayworth sees it?
    I think so Amigos, and remember, beware of the Aztecs!


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