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Aliens profiled in Coahuila?

29 April 2010

I’m surprised Patrick (Ganchoblog), who lives and writes from the great state of Coahuila, hasn’t weighed in on the “El Alien de Monclova”.

Inexplicata’s regular Mexican correspondent, Profa. Ana Luisa Cid writes that several reports have been filed with the police by residents of  Colonia Chinameca and colonia Alamo of encounters with a “alleged monster of humanoid characteristics and four legs”.  Dubbed by the press “El Alien” psychoanalyst Camilo Ramirez believes El Alien is a projection of social tensions created by the “drug war” and the resulting militarization of northern Mexico:

… when those at hand do not provide assistance, it is necessary to ask the aliens – meaning foreigners – for help. If authorities cannot help, there are the aliens. It provides meaning within the socio-cultural context when there is a lack of order, authority is fragmented, and the need for meaning arises. Perhaps children or teenagers can give meaning in these features,” he says.

He adds: “Beyond the alleged smokescreen created by the authorities to distract the public, or the fuel boycott on the weekend, or the registration of cellphones and the fear that these records will be misused, we are in a world of foreigners. When someone launches a deluded idea, if we perceive it the ravings of a madman, we are not measuring its social scope. A link exists.”

Alien, he says, means foreign. “To humans, aliens are extraterrestrials, the strangest or more remote. That which is most remote is the closest, because humans constitute themselves from the outside: another who acknowledges us, another determines our usages and customs, and we exist as a result of others. Our existence is therefore artificial, even though we occupy biological bodies.”

On the other hand, perhaps the good doctor is projecting himself — basing his assessment on his own prejudices and there is some unnecessary profiling going on here.  Goatherd Jaime Cruz, among others, has seen the unknown “monster” several times in the southwestern section of Monclova, where ten goats have been mysteriously killed over the last six months.  Cruz and others who have seen the monster don’t believe the creature is an alien, but a indigenous Mexican  monster… .

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  1. Shawn Weightman permalink
    14 February 2012 4:18 am

    I’m writing this in regards to the so called “Drug Cartel” group known as Los Zetas. These people are nothing more than petulant children playing at being adults. They are a group of second rate, living in their mommy’s basement, couldn’t get laid at a drunken gang bang with a bag full of rufies, punk ass bitch’s!!! I dare, no; I challenge them or anyone else for that matter to do your worst! My basic personal information is as follows:
    Shawn Jeffrey Weightman 
    Lucerne on the lake
    5877 Lake Street #14
    County Road 307 Ad
    Lucerne CA. 95458
    DOB: 12/28/1987 
    SSN: 608-05-3134
    Plate# 4EEU074

    I will do anything and everything in my power to expose every contributor, every member, and their families. I have already unearthed and sent the locations and personal information of many members to the proper authorities. Resulting in the arrest and or death of many members and contributors of the Los Zetas Cartel. I personally don’t think a single one of them has the testicular fortitude (AKA BALLS) to come after me. I challenge them or any of their affiliates to try something. I give you, the reader of this blog or any publication that this statement may show up in my full permission to use my personal information and take full responsibility for the outcome. So, bring it on PUTAS!!!

    • 14 February 2012 5:17 pm

      I’m sure you mean what you say, but doubt any of those people mentioned read this site, so you’re rather barking up the wrong tree.

  2. Jesus Garcia permalink
    14 August 2014 9:54 am

    There are no such things as mass ilusions ,(evrywun c,ing same thing at same time) cins Biblical times n before that there have been many supernatural crossrodes . God sez, Hes maker of diffurent dimensions,b for the visible there was the invisible. wen yu include everyone in yur (we,nowun, knows)you include them in your ignorance. I know a lot of things beyond millions of people on this world, I was sent from Heaven in 1964, as my mothers prayer to have a son ,or resign to be Motherless.

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