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Your loss is our gain?

4 May 2010

It’s ghoulish, perhaps, but the Mexican tourism industry and our major (legal) export may be getting a shot in the arm, thanks to the Governor of Arizona and British Petroleum.

The Governor said, in a FOX News interview that “You know Arizona has been under terrorist attacks”. Taking her at her word, it might not be safe to visit Arizona, even if you are a white guy.
Might I suggest Sonora and Chihuahua for those who like cactus and deserts or  Grand Canyons:

Strictly speaking, the Copper Canyon is only one of a number of interlocking canyons or barrancas in the area. Not only are these barrancas deeper and narrower than the U.S. Grand Canyon, they are also longer. Whereas the Grand Canyon is desert-like, with virtually no vegetation, the Copper Canyon is thickly wooded in most places and a beautiful green, especially in the rainy season from June to October.

And Sonora also has beaches…

The huge oil slick from the B.P. well blow-out is headed for the United States. Cancún anyone?

Oh, and with the United States NOT drilling in the Gulf for a while, the U.S. is going to keep buying “foreign oil” from somewhere… supposedly, the economy has been restructured to depend less on oil revenue, but with a need for a quick infusion in education and infrastructure, a U.S. oil shortage will mean a nice extra chunk of change in the National Piggy Bank.

There’s an added bonus for the lefties and the greenies in this too.  The Calderón Administration was swearing up and down that PEMEX had to be privatized, or opened up to private investors, specifically so that BP could do deep water drilling in the Gulf.   I’m sure the lefty’s will have great fun reviewing the recent government statements on this.

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