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Alternative education

5 May 2010

Every high school class has one —  the smart little mouthy guy that’s a pain in the ass to the teachers and administrators, who they’ll remember — but won’t say they miss.  Guys like Rafael Buelna Tenorio.  In his last year of classes at the Colegio Rosales in Culiacán, he became a real problem student, spending his free time organizing demonstrations in favor of a reformist candidate for the Sinaola governor’s race.  The administration really didn’t want trouble with the government, and expelled Rafael.  So…

Rather than change schools, Buelna changed the administration… starting with the President of Mexico.  After going back and finished his schooling, he  began law school while working part time as a journalist.  But, after Madero was overthrown,  General Rafael Buelna (the kid to the right of Venustiano Carranza, the geezer with the beard) had a work-study project that sort of interfered with his class-work.

I’ll have more on Rafael Buelna on his birthday, 23 May.

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