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We’re from the government…

14 May 2010

You think the IRS plays rough?  When the auditors showed up at  43-year old Culiacán housewife, Griselda Peréz’ yesterday, they brought along seven military trucks full of soldiers and marines, a passel of federal police and four tanks (ok… “tanquetas” — subcompact tanks, but still, they’re tanks).

With the informality of Mexican marriages, it’s not clear that Ms. Peréz ever was officially married to the father of her children.  He lives elsewhere and has moved on with his life… but has been providing for the kids, and — it seems — has not stinted on maintenance for Ms. Peréz.  But, so it is said, Ms. Peréz has been a bit lax in filling out the right tax forms.

As part of the tax inquiries, she was whisked off to Mexico City for questioning, six properties listed in her name were temporary put in receivership by the SCHP (the Mexican Treasury Department) and she was released.

Oh, did I mention her ex-husband is Chapo Guzmán?

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  1. Maggie Drake permalink
    15 May 2010 12:44 am

    LMAO, and I was sort of afraid to even say that.

    Heh Richard, did you catch what Rabbi Marvin Hier said today? Weird.

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