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There will be time, there will be time

25 May 2010

…but any visions and revisions are going to have to wait.

I meant to write on General Rafael Buelna, but am hopelessly behind on “real work” right now, not to mention a few deadlines for things that need to be finished this week.

In the meantime, if you think Mexico is hopelessly mired in drugs and corruption, read Bananama Republic for a look at a country that makes Mexico positively puritanical and a model of republican austerity by comparison.

Esther (From Xico) talks about something I mean to get to eventually… the problem of “stuff” and our “first world” insistence on having better stuff than the rest of the planet.

I’d also like to follow up on Hermano Juancito’s dinner party.  The grad student who stopped to eat with the visiting Iowans didn’t say much, but what he said is probably the key to all Latin American – “first world” relationships.

And in the always weird world of Mexican politics… I’d like to say more on the Paulette Gebara case (see David Agren for more today).  I always thought this was way to early to make assumptions about the 2012 Presidential elections.  Peña Nieto is running into trouble (or not) and with Gomez-Mont joining in the criticisms of the State of Mexico governor, I’m leaning more and more to seeing the Secretarío de Gobernacíon as the PAN candidate in 2012.  Of course, Gomez-Mont is a protege of Jefe Diego, so there is no hurry on writing about the political mudslinging, when there’s plenty more to dredge up.

And, the black jaguar at Chapultepec Zoo finally has a name.  Sicarú (see-ka-ROO) :  Zapotec for “handsome”.  Indigenous languages swept the name the kitty contest.  The second-prize name was “Yaxum” — Chol for “black maize”.  Third prize was a Hñähñu name, “Saki” (“leaper”).

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  1. 25 May 2010 7:32 am

    you’re correct that it’s far to early to make assumptions about who will take the 2012 election, although things are lining up favorably for Enrique Peña Nieto – at least for him winning the PRI nomination. Beyond that, who knows.

    Gómez-Mont has said he doesn’t want to be a candidate, but what else can he say? He holds the top cabinet position. Calderón presumably put him there because Gómez Mont doesn’t have presidential aspirations. But the interior minister is a bit of a lone ranger so, again, who knows.

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