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Another reason to avoid Arizona

28 May 2010

Via Prominex:

Slightly more homicides, but unlike the United States, nearly all homicides are family or “familia” disputes.

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  1. Luis gutierrez permalink
    28 May 2010 6:37 am

    it gets even better,
    Arizona has a population of nearly 6.6 million people, while Sonora has a population of 2.35 million people, making the per-capita numbers look even worse (2.8 times worse) for AZ

  2. Tio Foncho permalink
    28 May 2010 10:35 am

    Another reason to ignore your crime statistics:

    “Sin embargo, es importante considerar
    que encuestas de victimización estiman que del total de delitos cometidos, sólo el 21% se reporta a la autoridad y de ellos, únicamente en 13% de los casos se inició una averiguación previa.”

    Multiply the Sonora statistics by five to get the true crime rate.

    Click to access IncidenciaDelictivaViolencia2009.pdf

    …but you live in Mexico so you already knew that most crimes in Mexico are not reported to the police because the people do not trust the police.

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