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!Arizoname! in Arizona

5 June 2010

You know what the problem is with this elementary school mural ?

It’s in Arizona, obviously.  Prescott, Arizona, to be exact.  Where City Councilman and morning talk radio guy Steve Blair has some “reasonable suspicion”  that the mural “depicts an agenda, an indoctrination of public school children”.  That or the kid is suspiciously, you know… brown.

Instead of removing it, the school principal asked the artists to lighten the faces of the children in the picture. This request follows harassment of those same artists by drive-by wingers flinging racial epithets at them while they were painting it. Welcome to Arizona.

I guess this means a Mexican cartoon is driving the right-wing agenda… or something like that. To quote Abuelo… er…. better not.  I’ll quote Freddy Mercury instead:

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  1. Rolly permalink
    6 June 2010 10:46 am

    Because of the uproar over altering the mural, the school has reversed itself. The mural will be returned to its original state. The radio talk show nut who was one of the prime movers against the mural has been fired.

    I guess there really is a Santa.

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