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Another Bicentennial moment, begorra

7 June 2010

Mexico is the sixth largest Irish community in the world for good reason.  Not just that both the Irish and the Mexicans are famed for their tenors, bantam weight boxers, appearances of the Virgin, economic migrants and … at least in the movies… are usually drinkers of note, but both had to put up with annoying English-speaking Protestant neighbors who moved in and kept a third of their countries.

They also both had confusing revolutions in the early 20th century, ending in a compromise that — while overlooked by the doctrinaire types who believe a revolution has to follow some particular formula — worked for them.

The Irish Times, 5 June 2010:

And, yup, the Lord Mayor is the woman with the serious bling. I was thrown by the title, too.  Joe Costello is her husband, and a member of the Irish parliament.  I guess making politics a family business is something else Mexicans and Irish share.

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