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From bad to worse…

8 June 2010

The latest U.S. based reports I’ve seen are fudging on where 15-year old Sergio Adrián Hernández Guereca (or Huereca) was when he was shot and killed Monday evening in Juaréz.

Raw Story, where I first heard about this confuses the issue by using the headline “Border agent shoots and kills 14-year-old boy on US side of international bridge: report” but you have to read down a few paragraphs in the Associated Press story that follows to get the sense that the border agent shot FROM the U.S. side and killed the boy… who had either been in the United States and returned to Mexico from the U.S. side of the river, or never left.Or, possibly, was killed in the United States, and the body dragged back into Mexico  (which makes a spent shell found in Mexico rather hard to explain). Radio For

The Mexican press reports (and I got home too late to see the television news) are all fairly preliminary.  Jornada mentions THREE shells being found, not one.   All reports mention that the Border Patrol claiming they had been attacked by rock throwers, but the boy’s brother, interviewed by Radio Formula says he was hanging out on the Mexican side, visiting the brother (who works at the border crossing) and was shot while playing.  the Mexican government seems to accept that rocks were being thrown.  The Foreign Relations Secretariat released a tepic statement “reiterating that the use of firearms to respond to rock throwing was a disproportionate use of force.”

Photo: El Paso Times

Teenagers have thrown rocks at U.S. border agents before, and there has been an increase in deaths at the border, and bullets have crossed the border (during the Revolution, a few people in El Paso got winged watching the various battles of Juarez from rooftops) but this could not come at a worse time, for either the Calderón Administration (which, especially in cities like Juárez is being blamed for its inability to protect citizens from firearms violence) or for the Obama Administration, which is seeing what good-will it garnered in Latin America by being not-the-Bush Administration rapidly evaporating.

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  1. bajacalisur permalink
    10 June 2010 2:06 am

    Video says it all: ¨

    Thanks, bajacalisur. I edited your comment to embed the video.

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