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Q.R. — can it get any stranger?

13 June 2010

The PRD-Convergencia-PT (but, not PAN, although originally it was going to be an all-anti-PRI ticket) candidate… after somebody went to the trouble of finding an out of state judge to accept a investigative report denied by a Quintana Roo judge, is sitting in the slammer in Nayarit, and his political rights have been suspended. i.e., he’s off the ballot.

So, the PRD, etc. coalition has until Monday to come up with a new candidate for the July 4 elections, who won’t campaign, and if s/he, will ask that the elections be annulled.

Then, the front-running PRI candidates entire election team was wiped in a plane crash on Sunday.

I’ve been reluctant to say anything about Quintana Roo’s messy election (we have our own messy election here in Sinaloa), not knowing who to believe and… besides… I’m not about to write on every political issue here in what I still try to keep a historical and cultural site.

The PRD, etc. candidate is sitting in prison because of his alleged connections to the Miami Cuban gangsters (aka, “Freedom fighters”) who smuggle people, guns and narcotics through Cancún. Gangsters aren’t all that interesting to me. The PRD, etc. candidate (er… ex-candidate, candidate-in-custody, whatever) is much more than that. He was and is also an Evangelist of note and — being used to right-wing preachers veering into politics — a preacher reinventing himself as a left-wing populist is much more interesting.

But, that’ll wait. If this plane crash was an “act of God”, there might be more to Greg Sanchez than we knew. Yikes!

David Agren has a good overview of the bizarre situation.

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