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Cleaning day?

15 June 2010

A morbid thought… or two.  Last weekend, 19 people were murdered in a drug rehab in Chihuahua, and yesterday, at least  thirty convicts were massacred in the federal prison in Mazatlán.  The targeted victims are said to be tied to the Zetas.

There have been a couple of drug rehab massacres before — like last weekend’s they were at “faith based” group facilities, and were said by authorities to be prompted by the tendency of drug dealers to “hide out” in these facilities, or to enter them, hoping to go straight.  I wonder.

I’ve never having heard of any attacks on Narcotics Anonymous, or on the few state facilities for addictions, but don’t think it’s an attack on religion (the rehabs hit have all been connected with evangelical churches) but the connection is intriguing. Sill, with low level street dealers being popped off right and left, I wonder sometimes if the attacks are orchestrated not by the various gangster organizations, rather than by death squads taking advantage of the “drug wars” to eliminate what are seen by most people in this country as a social nuisance.

On the other hand, the alleged targets of these massacres, as in the prison massacre, are said to be connected to the Zetas.  If you remember, this gang was supposed to be the super-gangster terrorist squad, half “A-team” and half Al-Qaida.   The Zetas may never have been the bad-asses we thought, and are sitting ducks for the Sinaloa Cartel, or the Zetas have turned on their own in one of those interminable inter-gang feuds, or — somebody doesn’t want the Zetas left alive (a lot of them never make it to trial here in Sinaloa, especially those, who like our inept hitmen who tried to rob a construction site and got caught,  don’t live more than a week or two while awaiting trial).  I saw a local post suggesting the prisoners in the federal facility (which includes both non-violent and violent offenders without much in the way of segregation) were doing some “social cleansing”.

And, there’s another very scary possibility — not necessarily likely, but nothing I’d rule out:

A special operations task force under the command of the Pentagon is currently in place south of the border providing advice and training to the Mexican Army in gathering intelligence, infiltrating and, as needed, taking direct action against narco-trafficking organizations, claims a former CIA asset who has a long history in the covert operations theater.

…  a former U.S. government official who has experience dealing with covert operations and who also asked not to be named, says the presence of special operations forces in Mexico “is really nothing new in terms of how we have dealt with Mexico in the past.”

“Black operations have been going on forever,” the official says. “The recent [mainstream] media reports about those operations under the Obama administration make it sound like it’s a big scoop, but it’s nothing new for those who understand how things really work.”

“How things really work”  to a lot of people here means the government favors the Sinaloa Cartel in their way against the Zetas.  Given the history of similar “black operations” in Colombia (read about the PePes some time), U.S. special operations groups have worked with foreign gangsters in Latin America to eliminate what the U.S. decided were worse gangsters — and turned out to be an even worse plague for their own countrymen.

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  1. locojhon permalink
    15 June 2010 6:58 am

    It looks like a bit like a US covert op to me.
    Create divisions.
    Help the divided kill each other, creating internal chaos.
    Give the targetted state an “offer of help/aid” they can’t refuse (or afford).
    Keep them indebted and under directed control typically with IMF or WB “expert” advice.
    Move on to the next victim.
    Repeat until in planetary control.
    With the number of US bases on other peoples’ soil now approaching 800, it seems as though the strategy is working.
    While the empire crumbles from within.

  2. humberto permalink
    15 June 2010 12:20 pm

    as much as we mexicans LOVE a good conspiracy, sometimes the simplest answer is the truth.

    take the tijuana example. Altough the eventual killings continue, the high point has been passed, since the capture of Raydel Lopez. In the excerpt put on you tube of his initial “questioning” he told he had more than 200 uniforms made of his FEM forces. Then he went to say there had been only a handfull left.
    During his war with the Arellanos or what is left of them, both parties were doing a war of attrition, that is, where killing ANYONE associated with the other faction, including drug runners and lookouts. The idea was to cut their sources of income.
    It is know a well know fact that tijuana has been left in the hands of the “Ingeniero”, just as long as they don’t go into extortion and kidnappings.

  3. Maggie permalink
    18 June 2010 12:42 am

    Not so sure there Humberto, according to ZETA most of the dope coming into Ensenada belongs to Sinaloa. We are now looking at – or so Chief Leyzaola, General Mujica and State Attorney Manjarrez tell us a battle over the Plaza involving the CAF, Sinaloa, y La Familia. Just last week, members of CAF arrested.

    Anyway, interesting article Richard….

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