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Do as we say, not as we do: part 1

21 June 2010

This is interesting.  The State of New Jersey recently legalized marijuana as medication.  Rather than buy marijuana on the open market, however, the state is going to grow it’s own.  I’m sure the fine agronomists at Rutgers University will be able to grow marijuana, but it’s not exactly what one would call a traditional crop.  To make it more interesting, the #1 pusher (sorry, couldn’t resist) of this proposal is the state’s governor, Chris Christie.  Of Christie (a conservative Republican), Susie Madrick (Crooks and Liars) writes:

I thought Republicans were for the small businessmen and against more government regulation? (Not to mention that most business experts recommend concentrating on “core competencies.” Think growing marijuana is Rutgers’ area of expertise?)

And, while Republicans (and Democrats) have been loathe to admit they support crop subsidies, they usually try to do it indirectly.  And, of course, state enterprises smack of…. horror of horrors.. socialism.

If I read this correctly, it means the taxpayers of the State of New Jersey will on the one hand, be subsidizing a crop grown by a state enterprise while on the other hand, through their federal taxes, subsidizing the Calderón Administration’s attempts to destroy the marijuana growing business.

It would be cheaper, and more sensible, to buy Sinaloan.  We can provide the State of New Jersey all it want.  And have much more expertise in that particular agricultural niche product.

Come to think of it, the only crops we in Sinaloa and New Jersey probably compete  in is the planting dead gangsters.

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