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The girl from Ipanema ain’t what she used to be…

23 June 2010

It’s happening everywhere, and for all the same reasons.  From SDPNoticias (my translation):

Nearly half of Brazilians are overweight and the obesity rate has risen by 13.9% in recent years, according to a report released today by the Ministry of Health.

In the past four years the proportion of overweight Brazilians rose nearly four percentage points to 46.6%  in 2009…

… the city with the highest obesity rate  is Rio de Janeiro, considered the country’s sporting capital and where the “cult of the body” is fostered by its tropical climate that allows for year-round beach activities.

Among the reasons for the increased number of fat people are sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of processed foods and ready-made meals, according to the authors of the document.

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  1. Maggie permalink
    23 June 2010 3:49 pm

    OH noooooo I hope it’s not the Zola Acai smoothies, because even though they are expensive, I am hooked on them at two bucks a pop. I was just hoping they would start selling the acai in ice cream containers, right now to get just two scoops with some honey and nuts and a fourth of a sliced banana costs over four dollars in the States.

    Wait a minute…I need to get on the scales.


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