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Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Chapo Guzmán — birds of a feather

30 June 2010

I can’t tell my right-wing crazy gringos without a scorecard, so who anarchist movement known as the “tea-baggers”considers their leader today I haven’t a clue.  But thanks to Bloggings by Boz, I realized if the tea-baggers were able to overcome a tendency among its faithful to holding xenophobic and racist attitudes towards Mexicans, they might actually be a politically and economically relevant organization and achieve genuine clout in the United States.

The “tea-baggers” are all for less governance, more free enterprise and less restrictions on firearms.  Continually, they have been let down by incendiary calls by their leaders to “target” opposition politicos — those who do would thwart the “tea-baggers” in their quest to downsize governance to the point where it can be “drowned in a bathtub” — when the leaders wimp out, and abjectly claim to be speaking merely of metaphors.  They could learn a lot, and have more in common than they realize with a well-known, and much more successful, Mexican political pressure group.  Perhaps — in the spirit of NAFTA — they could join forces:

Mexico’s organized crime has a political agenda linked to their financial aims […] Their agenda is that they want less governance and law enforcement that prevent them from doing their business. They will get there by corrupting public officials, threatening them or killing them. Some of the killings target politicians or law enforcement specifically for their actions while others simply serve to create fear among all government officials.


Their goal is  […] to degrade governance to a point at which they can operate freely.

As an extra bonus, joining the cartels would give the “tea-baggers” (who all seem to be getting by on social security payments) real paying job, too.  The retirement plan sucks, but — then again — they claim to be great believers in self-reliance.  And for the gold bugs among them, narco-bling could easily be offered as salary and benefits.

And — while “tea” is supposedly a synonym for  Sinaloa’s most famous export  (though I don’t think I ever heard it used outside of really bad late 1960s movies)  — I suppose such a merger would allow that term to be resurrected which might also serve to purge “tea bagging” of it’s somewhat indelicate connotation (link probably NSFW).

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  1. otto permalink
    30 June 2010 7:35 am

    Dude, Easy Rider was Dennis Hopper’s finest moment.

  2. 30 June 2010 1:22 pm

    I was thinking of less classic fare, to be sure.

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