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Immigrants don’t kill jobs… stupid politicans do

7 July 2010

The semi-official boycott of Arizona by the State of Sonora is having an impact.  Retail sales in Yuma and Nogales are said to have dropped 40 percent since May, when a boycott in protest of the “Show Us Your Papers Law” received support from Sonoran business, academic and political leaders.

Sonorans are said to account for 97 percent of Mexican retail business —  amount to 2.8 billion (thousand million) dollars — in Arizona.  The Sonoran boycott alone has cost 30 Arizonians their jobs:  probably all “native born” citizens.  They can thank their idiot governor for that.

(El Universal, “Reducen 40% compras en Arizona por Ley SB1070”, 07-02-2010)

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