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Nyah! nyah!…bang! bang!

8 July 2010

If this had happened in Texas, you’d say either “he needed shootin'” or “he oughta hada been lynched” depending on your persuasion. Either this is an object lesson in understanding that teasing has consequences, or that one needs to learn to accept criticism gracefully. Or, that just more proof that alcohol and politics don’t mix… with guns.

Translated from yesterday’s El Debate.

The Presidente Municipal of San Pedro Totolapan, Oaxaca, Gerardo Jarquín Díaz — a PRI party activist — fired three shots into a PRD sympathizer, killing him and wounding another person, presumably because the PRD supporters were mocking the PRI for losing the state governor’s race.

The incident took place last night at a local establishment known as “El Llano” in this community located about 80 kilometers east of the state capital, when the Presidente Municipal stopped in to get out of the rain.  Two apparently drunk PRD sympathizers accosted Jarquín Díaz and began mocking the PRI for its loss, at which time Jarquín Diaz pulled his gun and shot them.

The dead perredista, Fructuoso Méndez Lucero, and his wounded cohort, Cruz Rangel López, were transported by ambulance to the Mexican Social Security Institute clinic in Tlacolula de Matamoros, 30 Km. east of Oaxaca.

Outside the Palacio Municipal of San Pedro Totolapan, a crowd gathered threatening to lynch the elected leader, but soldiers arrived to take charge of the prisoner until he could be turned over to the State’s Preventative Police.

The Municipal Syndicato (Administrator) of Tlacolula de Matamoro was entrusted with handling the disposition of the cadaver, which was claimed by Méndez Lucero’s widow, Soledad Rodríguez Hernández, while Jarquín Díaz was interrogated by Adrián Jiménez, of the State Ministerio Público’s office (investigative magistrate), assisted by agents of the State Investigative Police.

Fructuoso Méndez Lucero, a tortilla-maker, lived on Cinco de Mayo street in colonia San Pedro. He was 49 years old.

Post-election punditry

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